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What is ANVILOY®, you ask?

Jeff Ray is back at it again bringing us up to speed on ANVILOY® weld rods.

What is ANVILOY®, you ask? Let us catch you up to speed. ANVILOY® is the internationally protected brand name of a product group based on tungsten alloys, which are available in three different compositions and are also available in semi-finished and finished. However, before we dive further into the video it is important that you understand the properties of ANVILOY® listed below:

•Increased resistance to thermal wear and burn cracks

•Increase in corrosion and erosion resistance

•Extends service life significantly

•Reduction of soldering

•Improved heat dissipation in casting tools

tig welding

Now that we have that covered, here are a few other important aspects to understand about this product. When it comes to connection welding and coating with the ANVILOY® weld rod, the task is carried out by using the TIG process. When undertaking any project, whether big or small, it is important to choose the proper TIG rod based on the assignment. In our area of expertise, we know that seeing is believing. Let us check out Jeff Ray’s hands on usage of the ANVILOY® weld rod to see how the magic really happens.


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