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The go-to industry resource for welding and fabrication how-to videos and tutorials.  The welders hub where you can seek input and guidance on your welds, interact with fellow welders, take your welding career to the next level, and put eyes on your brand!


Weld.com Is A Global Welding Community Hub For Welders By Welders! 

We Offer Education, Networking, Career Resources and Much More!

We teach everything from the fundamentals of welding and fabrication to complex joint configurations and exotic materials to project builds.  Our guest host instructors have real world experience welding on projects in structural steel, pipeline, nuclear, aerospace, and more!  With over 75 years of combined experience in all aspects of the welding industry, our team is uniquely equipped to help you up your welding game!


  • The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: we don't cut out our mistakes!  We believe it's helpful to show you why we made them, and what we should've done to fix them!

  • Guest Instructors From All Aspects Of The Industry: we use multiple instructors that have experience in a wide range of industries.

  • No Games: We are here to show you products and technologies and give unbiased perspective.

  • A Welding Community: As a member of the Weld.com community you get to connect with others of the industry, share information, pictures of your welds, get real welding educators and advisors providing answers to your technical questions, exclusive content, member discounts on products, and much more!


"Weld.com is by far the best welding education site I have seen. Some of the others are more geared toward "Look what I can do". Weld.com is more "Here is how you do it". I have been in the welding industry for 31 years and the last 16 years in welding education, I am also a CWI/CWE. The information welders of all levels can get from their videos and social media platforms is top notch information."

Chris King
Campbellsville University 
Director of Skilled Training


Get In Touch!

We welcome you to email us with any questions, comments or ideas for new videos and guest hosts!


Weld.com is here to help you advance your welding skillset.  If you're having problems with a specific application or material type, let us know about it.

If you want us to do a video on your request, please include the following:

  1. Material Type

  2. Material Thickness

  3. Joint Type

  4. Position

  5. Process

If you're having problems with a weldment and want our feedback, go to our member section and let's discuss!


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