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Learn, grow, and advance your welding skills.

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Whether you're just starting with welding or aiming to improve your welding skills, we've got your back. Whether it's passing AWS tests or getting better at welding, we're here to support you.

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Join your fellow welders in the WELD App to ask questions, share your projects, gain knowledge from experts, and connect with your welding community.

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Come with us on-site as we showcase our vibrant welding community, featuring everyone from metal artists to pipeliners. You'll learn, have a good time, and discover all that welding has to offer.

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JOIN the WELD Community!


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Compete in Clash of the Grinders Season 2

Calling all welding and fabrication wizards! Are you ready to ignite your career? Clash of the Grinders Season 2 is heating up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from June 3rd to June 7th, 2024. It's your chance to spark a fire, showcase your skills, and grind your way to the top. This isn't just a competition, it's a crucible for forging your future in industrial manufacturing. Not only could you win serious cash prizes, but you'll also prove your dedication to the skilled trades and open doors to incredible opportunities. Hosted by 3M, Clash of the Grinders Season 2 is your chance to shine!

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Check Out Our YouTube Channel

Our WELD team is here to assist you in enhancing your welding skills, whether you're a beginner watching welding videos or witnessing on-site roller coaster repairs. We're knowledgeable and enthusiastic about both educating and entertaining you in the process!

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Behind the Scenes: Real conversations with Beau Wigington on the WELD Podcast

If you are looking to learn more about all the different pathways available in the welding industry, tune into to new podcast episodes each Friday, interviewing people all across the industry.

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We're a tight-knit team with a big passion for welding. Our mission is to highlight the incredible welding community. We cover everything, from teaching the trade to sharing tips and video training for passing your AWS certifications.

Our team is truly dedicated to educating, entertaining, and expanding our wonderful global welding community!

We're thrilled to have you here! Stick around, and we're excited to get to know you better!

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"So far so good, app seems to be working at least as well as Instagram does. They really push the premium subscription, but it looks like there's a lot of educational content already there for premium users and I'm sure there's gonna be even more in the future."



"I really love this app. If you’re looking for a welding community that will give you feedback, advice and help you out in anything related to welding, this is it right here! Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional established welder, people are always willing to answer any questions. The app is constantly improving and there is great content in their learning section. Not to mention the welding calculator, shop, and job board."



"This style of welding video is what we need.  We have all watched dozens of in ship videos of how to weld.  Getting out in the field makes a much better video even for someone who is a novice like me. "




Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I find previously asked questions in the mobile app?
    Certainly, in our welding mobile app, you can indeed find previously asked questions. We've integrated a handy search feature to make it easy for users like you to access and review welding-related queries that have been posted by fellow members within our app's community. This feature is designed to enhance your experience, enabling you to quickly locate specific welding information and solutions right there in the feed.
  • What does the gold crown mean in the video content section?
    The gold crown symbol in the video content section indicates premium member access. It signifies that the particular video or content is exclusively available to premium members who have subscribed to our premium services. As a premium member, you get the privilege of accessing a wider range of content, including exclusive and premium-quality videos, which are marked with the gold crown icon. This feature is part of our effort to provide added value to our premium subscribers and offer them a unique viewing experience within our platform.
  • What extras do I get with the premium membership?
    The premium subscription is designed to be the ultimate welding experience for serious welding professionals, educators, students, and hobbyists. It offers a broad range of exclusive features that can enhance your welding endeavors. The marketplace feature enables you to list your metal art or old equipment for sale, expanding your business opportunities. Moreover, as a premium subscriber, you'll have complete access to in-depth and exclusive video content covering advanced welding techniques, indus