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New Welding Table: Look what has just arrived!

If you are looking to upgrade your equipment and help streamline your fabrication process, then look no further!

When we moved into our new lab just recently, we got upgraded to a new welding table!

Quantum Machinery Group is one for the leading metalworking equipment suppliers in the U.S. Supplying welding tables, accessories, machinery, and parts, they have everything you need to increase your metalworking capabilities, as well as the experience and knowledge to help get you there.

The Seigmund welding and clamping tables help welders work more precisely and quickly. Made from hardened steel, plasma nitrided and bar coated, the table gives you a welding and clamping system that is designed to suit all applications and will provide the most superior quality and performance there is.Paul had a great time unboxing it all and setting up the goody cart and we can’t wait to see it in action in full in the lab.

The table has height adjustable legs for leveling accuracy, a 2” x 2”borehole grid on the surface(with 5/8” boreholes), as well as an inch scale engraved on the whole length and width to ensure precision measuring. The welding and clamping table, combined with the goody cart full of accessories, allows for a very short setup, amazing time efficiency, and quick response to changes. With easy clamping in every spot, this means no welding distortion, significantly less rework and a low error rate. Every set up is 100% repeatable and it has a very high load capacity.

Check out the link and let us know what you think!

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