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What TIG torch do you use?

Attention all welders! Are you looking for a TIG torch that offers long-lasting performance and enhanced versatility? Look no further than the new Lincoln Electric Caliber™ TIG Torches! These torches are designed to take your TIG welding experience to the next level with their innovative features.

But what sets the Caliber™ TIG Torches apart from other torches on the market? For starters, they feature a compact and ergonomic handle design that reduces finger fatigue and improves grip. Plus, the ultra-flexible cable is made with a nylon braided exterior and soft silicone core for superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.

And don't worry about compatibility – all Caliber™ TIG Torches are designed to work with industry standard front end TIG consumables. Available in 9, 17, and 26 series torches with rigid, flex, and flex/valve options, you'll be able to find the perfect torch for your welding needs.

Stay tuned, because the 20 and 18 series torches will be coming soon! Upgrade your TIG welding game with the Lincoln Electric Caliber™ TIG Torches today.

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